Tools and other items for sale and swap by PAABA Members.

If you sell an item due to it's listing on the PAABA Website, members have suggested a 5% donation to the organization to help offset some costs.  Thanks for your consideration.


4Sale: Blower and a Vice

1>  Champlan 400 Blower, Hand Crank  on original stand.  Runs smooth, good condition.  $285 OBO

2>  Mechanic Bench Vice, 5", Swivels.  Heavy-Duty, Weighs 75#.   $75 OBO

 Call Larry Albrecht 412-953-6717  ... Oakdale Area

Wanted: Champion #203-1/2 Hand Cranked Drill Press (on it's own base)

Automatic Self-feed and lever feed upright drill - requires no post

Call Ed Claypoole 724-439-1750


4Sale: Two Forges + an Anvil

1>  Farrior's forge, mounts to a bracket to be attached to the back of a truck.  Then it swings into position for use.  Blower runs on 12v.  Could be used with coal  or coke.  $450

2> Johnson Natural Gas Forge, with all the controls and the blower on a pedestal base.  Good condition, $555


Also: A large Fisher Anvil, on a heavy round steel base weighs about 450 pounds. Cast Anvil in decent shape, $656.56

Call Fred Hamilton 724-847-0800 or 1-800-783-4766  Email Fred




4Sale: Bench Shear

Manufacturer: Bremil Manufacturing Company
Size #1 Made in Erie, PA

Asking $40, make an offer


Jeff Young 724-495-2167 or email

The Ed Claypool Collection...

Call Ed if you are looking for all types of Blacksmithing items, from tongs to air hammers.  If he doesn't have it he will get it for you!!

Call: Ed Claypool at Atlas Forge 724-439-1750 - Uniontown Area


4Sale: Early American wrought Iron by Eric Sonn. 2 copies available, both great shape, $80 ea.

Contact Ralph Neumeister or 440-552-9560.


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