Compass Inn Museum Opening Day

June 2020


Compass Inn Museum - Looking Good for Opening Day!


Ed Appleby with the Compass Inn Museum organized the day...


Randy Palluch and Jim Alderson making items for the gift shop



John and Mark Stein 'Fire it Up'!


Ed Appleby shows John Steel the fundraising 'Link Project' that Ed created. 80 plus links were made!


Jim Garwood ... making it happen!


John Steel chats with Suzanne and Richard Fisher

Bob Pickens demonstrates a Brass Pour


Brass Pouring


Tom Rohosky is wondering just how did Bob do that!!


Andy Scott demonstrates as his attentive family looks on!


Bob Pickens presents Theresa with a finished anvil for the gift shop inventory



Photo Credits:  Chris Holt 

See you soon at an upcoming event!


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