PAABA remembers its past members that have helped our organization flourish.  All our members have talents that they willingly share with others.  We respect their generosity and honor them for the gifts they have given to us.


Hugh Bartrug Leb Hatfield Joe Reducz
Cary  Brant Don Kruse "Pokey" David Ridenour
Bill Brooks Herman Leukhardt Jozef Sendecky
Jim "Radar" Brown Ed Mack Lester Six
Keith Burtner Mark Murdock Ed Stuttler
Jim Campbell Ray Neubrad A. George Taylor
Carl Deshong Mike Newbold Ken Tucker
Skeeter Dick David Oliver Olin West
Harold Eisiminger Dave Olson Randy Wilkins
Jim  Kennedy John Pollins Bruce Woodward
Bud Knecht Steve Rabar Mark Woods



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