PAABA members Dave Simmons and Tom Allison have arranged a special tour for those of you that are interested in some serious power. 

We have the opportunity to tour the Bruce Mansfield Plant in Shippingport, PA on December 9th. 


 No, this is not the  Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant, not to worry.  The Bruce Mansfield Plant is FirstEnergy’s largest coal-fired power plant.  They have three 800 megawatt units that burn coal.  Tom says, “We burn 21,000-22,000 tons of coal per day when all three units are in operation.” This plant was one of the first very large plants that was built with a complete air quality control system to remove contaminants from flue gas before it is released to the atmosphere.  Through the process for removing contaminants they are even able to reclaim a large part of the sludge produced in the scrubbing cycle and partner with National Gypsum Company.  This company makes wallboard.  In fact, they make enough drywall for 70,000 new homes a year!  The Bruce Mansfield Plant is recognized for environmental technology.  They use 70 million gallons of water a day and return it to the river equal or cleaner than its original condition.  

The tour will begin at 10 AM, arrive a little before at the main gate so you can register with security and get a temporary badge to enter plant site.  Hard hats and safety glasses will be furnished to go with your workboots and work clothes.* We will begin the tour with a video of the plant and information about FirstEnergy and then take a walking tour to see the turbines, control rooms, and view the plant layout from the roof.  We will conclude the tour with questions and answers from our two experts. This is a great way to go on a field trip with others that have similar interests.  Looking forward to seeing you ! 

*Families Invited - School age children are permitted to attend, but no toddlers or babies.   RSVP appreciated by the company for guide-staffing purposes.  Call John or Chris if you plan to attend, and we’ll see you there!



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