Depreciation Lands

January 2018

Full Attendance!


President Steel welcomes the membership


Wayne Kelley begins the day!


Doug Plance introduces us to the logging industries blacksmith needs.


Bob Selvaggio follows with a 30 year history of  PAABA


Harold Sloppy speaks of the blacksmith making 'wood working' tools


Frank Mirth shows the magic of his 'on/off torch'


Chuck Hughes shows 'Something Fishy'


Marty Zueger has lunch after presenting his excellent video


Final presentation - Henrob Torch by Bill Robertson


Vincenty & MIrth were the Auctioneers!


Thanks to outgoing VP Dave Lint for his service!

The Key Ring Tree is full!

Winter at Depreciation Lands Museum

Blacksmith Shop at Depreciation Lands


Photo Credits:  Chris Holt

See you soon at an upcoming event!


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