Rices Landing

April 2019


PAABA President John Steel greets all visitors


John Steel introduces demonstrators and Bly, Gary and Steve (Shop Managers)


Steve (Bly's newest assistant) revives the lathe after years of dormancy!


Ed Appleby at the forge


Noah Bass also demonstrates Repousse throughout the day


Barry Hixson happy to start his demo!


Phil Travis is in his element!


It was the place to be!


Politicians support a-plenty.   Senator Camera Bartolotta donning a PAABA Cap!


Wayne Kelley finishes container demonstration


Librarian Harold Sloppy w Dave Vincenty, Bob Selvaggio & Jim Alderson


Tim Schiffbauer demos with the help of Gary Shriver


W.A. Young & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop - April 2019!



Photo Credits:  Chris Holt

See you soon at an upcoming event!


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