Compass Inn

June 2019


Event Organizer Ed Appleby begins the day by honoring PAABA Member Marty Zuegar


New PAABA participant Aric Armbruster joined in at the event!


Inside Compass Inn Museum blacksmith shop


Prez John Steel finishes up all the items with a special touch


Compass Inn Museum


Theresa Gay Rohall, Compass Inn Museum Director


A sampling of the $600.00 of gift items that were made during the day


A campus of working blacksmiths


A trip to the 'BAR" (Blacksmith Appliance Relocation) ... or, one 501C3 helping another 501C3


Rex Baughman ... great set-up ... works perfectly ...


...but then, you have to move it!



Photo Credits:  Chris Holt

See you soon at an upcoming event!


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