Economy Cemetery & Lacock Cemetery Gates

August 2018

Economy Cemetery:

Brian Manzini and Tom Rohosky painting 'Eye to Eye'


The devil and his details (John Steel)


The whole project


Tom Power2 - Tom Noonan and Tom Rohosky


Shiny and Bright...


... And a Picnic Too!

Lacock Cemetery:

Reporting for duty!   Bo Baroni, John Steel, George Pavletic


Pick a side!


Frank Mirth does a 'Top-Notch' Job!


George getting a 'Sign" from above!


Tom Noonan, helping out again!


Another picnic lunch!


Loaded up and ready to go!


Fini ... and beautiful!


Thank You to:

Tom and Cecelia Rohosky

Tom Noonan

Bo Baroni

John Steel

Frank Mirth

George Pavletic

Brian Manzini and his sister Ro

Chris Holt

Photo Credits:  Chris Holt

See you soon at an upcoming event!


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